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Vibrant Designs

Whatever your mood, you can find a Mugshot to match. Our colorful and stylish designs will get you noticed and looking-on point, even when you’re just sipping a drink. We print our sleeves on white paper board to ensure that all designs come out looking crisp and clear. You can also rest assured knowing that we apply a light coat of a water-repelling agent so that light splashes don't mess it up.

Safe To Use

Walk, carry & sip your drink at the same time. Minimize spills and carry your drink with ease, without worrying about handling a hot drink. Yes, your hands will thank us. The handle also makes it easy for anyone with an unsteady grip to hold a hot cup - Perfect for every butterfinger out there.


Each Mugshot Sleeve is made from paper and is 100% recyclable. When you buy Mugshot, feel good about looking stylish and using a product that is biodegradable. Mugshot is a multi-time use product, so feel good about not using a new coffee sleeve every time you get your java fix.

Coffee Run?

Not a problem! Mugshot Sleeves lets you carry multiple cups in one hand, all without spilling a drop. So bring a coffee for your friend, and your friend's friend, just because.

Easy To Use

Use Mugshot Sleeves in 3 easy steps: Open up the sleeve by pressing on the triangular tab at the top, slip the drink in and then hold the handle. Now the only thing left is for you to enjoy that drink. Cheers.


Are you a lefty or a righty? With Mugshot, it doesn't matter! Mugshot Sleeves is easy to grip and is great on the go. It turns any cup into a mug, meaning that your drinking experience just became more comfortable. 


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